• Adventures


    Yes, finally! For the last few weeks I’ve been in Norway, with really wasn’t my choice, but it was really nice. But now the time has come for me to leave this beautiful country for now – and this time I’m actually traveling to Hamburg! Whats really funny is that I didn’t really know this city existed until a few weeks ago, and now I’m moving there!

    There’s only a few people who knows this, but the last week of August, after leaving Rome and before getting to Norway, I spent a few days in Hamburg – and I fell in love with the city. In so many ways it reminded me of the city I grew up in, just a lot bigger and a few more (million) people. I love the atmosphere and the vibe the city gives me. And the people I met? so kind, generous and goodhearted. 

    I just ordered the tickets, and since I’m trying to be more climate friendly I’ve decided to take the bus. It’s a 20 hour ride, which is going to be rough.. but as long as I have a good book, some magazines and food, I think I’m gonna be alright. 

    Until then I’m house sitting my friends apartment while she’s visiting her parents. She has the cutest cats to keep me company, it’s just sad that I can’t bring them with me when I leave.