Dear Diary

Arriving Hamburg

After arriving Hamburg yesterday I’ve taken things really slow. Spending the day at a cafe trying to get some work done, and later I’ll meet up with some friends.

As I said in the last post, I made a decision on taking the post. Mostly because it was the cheapest solution, but also because I was thinking about the environmental changes that we see every day.

I also made an agreement with myself that I will also in the future opt for trains or buses instead of planes, of course there will be times where I don’t have the time it takes, or the bus/train doesn’t go to the destination where I want to go.  But if it works, I will do it. Small sacrifice for a bigger change that is totally worth it. 

So, I took the bus from Oslo (Norway) to Hamburg (Germany) which normally takes 14 hours, but as everything I do, I met some complications. The ones who follow me on Instagram already knows this, but I’m telling the story again here on Le Blog.

As we were driving, I noticed that the driver talked a lot on the phone which annoyed me a little bit, but I didn’t care to tell the driver. I don’t know the rules they have, but in Norway that would not be ok.  When we arrive in Lübeck which is only 1 hour away from Hamburg, the driver (who was still talking on the phone) crashed into another building and shattered the glass window. Luckily no one got hurt, but it was a really uncomfortable experience. On top of all this we got delayed by two more hours, and that was really upsetting since I was hungry, and the snacks and drinks that they said on the website that they were selling, they didn’t sell. 

But all that aside, I made it to Germany! My mission for the next few days is to find the best hamburger in Hamburg – mostly as a joke, but hey, wouldn’t it be funny tho? 

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