• Wellness


    As we step into a new season where the air is colder and drier, we need to step up the skincare routine, and a good way to start is by getting yourself a hand lotion for the season! My hands always get super dry from October until April which is super annoying, and my hands actually hurts.

    A few days ago, I switched back to a hand lotion I used a few years ago, and I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier. This is a hand lotion from L’Occitane, and it does wonders! It contains 25% shea butter, and blended with honey, coconut oil and almond extract it nourishes, protects and soften the hands. An absolute must-buy this season! 

  • Wellness

    Podcast; Parisian lifestyle

    Me, as everyone these days, loves listening to podcasts, and a few days ago I stumbled across this episode of The Earful Tower where Caroline de Maigret is the guest. Caroline de Maigret is a former model, music producer and author of one of my favorite books; ”How to be Parisian; wherever you are”.  In this episode that are talking about the Parisian lifestyle, where the best spots in Paris are and you’ll get to know de Maigret in a different way, and I’m in love. 

    I would also really recommend you reading her book, you can get it on amazon HERE. And you should really follow here on instagram @carolinedemaigret if you’d like that Parisian input in your instagram feed.

  • Dear Diary

    Arriving Hamburg

    After arriving Hamburg yesterday I’ve taken things really slow. Spending the day at a cafe trying to get some work done, and later I’ll meet up with some friends.

    As I said in the last post, I made a decision on taking the post. Mostly because it was the cheapest solution, but also because I was thinking about the environmental changes that we see every day.

    I also made an agreement with myself that I will also in the future opt for trains or buses instead of planes, of course there will be times where I don’t have the time it takes, or the bus/train doesn’t go to the destination where I want to go.  But if it works, I will do it. Small sacrifice for a bigger change that is totally worth it. 

    So, I took the bus from Oslo (Norway) to Hamburg (Germany) which normally takes 14 hours, but as everything I do, I met some complications. The ones who follow me on Instagram already knows this, but I’m telling the story again here on Le Blog.

    As we were driving, I noticed that the driver talked a lot on the phone which annoyed me a little bit, but I didn’t care to tell the driver. I don’t know the rules they have, but in Norway that would not be ok.  When we arrive in Lübeck which is only 1 hour away from Hamburg, the driver (who was still talking on the phone) crashed into another building and shattered the glass window. Luckily no one got hurt, but it was a really uncomfortable experience. On top of all this we got delayed by two more hours, and that was really upsetting since I was hungry, and the snacks and drinks that they said on the website that they were selling, they didn’t sell. 

    But all that aside, I made it to Germany! My mission for the next few days is to find the best hamburger in Hamburg – mostly as a joke, but hey, wouldn’t it be funny tho? 

  • Adventures


    Yes, finally! For the last few weeks I’ve been in Norway, with really wasn’t my choice, but it was really nice. But now the time has come for me to leave this beautiful country for now – and this time I’m actually traveling to Hamburg! Whats really funny is that I didn’t really know this city existed until a few weeks ago, and now I’m moving there!

    There’s only a few people who knows this, but the last week of August, after leaving Rome and before getting to Norway, I spent a few days in Hamburg – and I fell in love with the city. In so many ways it reminded me of the city I grew up in, just a lot bigger and a few more (million) people. I love the atmosphere and the vibe the city gives me. And the people I met? so kind, generous and goodhearted. 

    I just ordered the tickets, and since I’m trying to be more climate friendly I’ve decided to take the bus. It’s a 20 hour ride, which is going to be rough.. but as long as I have a good book, some magazines and food, I think I’m gonna be alright. 

    Until then I’m house sitting my friends apartment while she’s visiting her parents. She has the cutest cats to keep me company, it’s just sad that I can’t bring them with me when I leave.

  • Dear Diary


    Today is a good example on what a rainy autumn day is. It’s pouring down, but I just had to get out of the house. Therefore, I’m spending the day in a café, drinking coffee and look at all the people outside. I, as many others, love autumn – It’s my favourite season of the year. I love feeling the raindrops on my cheeks while I’m running for shelter. I love the colours on the trees as they turn to red and yellow. I love feeling the wind in my hair.

    Autumn is that time of the year where I spend most time (and money) having coffee at nice cafes. There is something special about looking out of the window and watch all the people outside who are living their lives. It makes you think of what you’re doing with yours. But my favourite thing about fall is that you can wear big coats, jackets and sweaters without getting too hot or too cold. I really think I’m an autumn person, I complain when it’s too warm and complain even more if it’s too cold.

    I didn’t really have anything on my agenda today, but still I felt like I had to get out of the house. For the last couple of days, I’ve locked myself inside and watched way too much TV. I thought about getting myself some new shoes. After all, we are heading into a new season.
    But first I’m going to drink my coffee and read for my exams.

    This is the playlist I’m currently listening to. During summer I never listen to music unless it’s the radio, but during fall I wouldn’t know what to do without music. This playlist is full of weird music, but it’s my playlist – enjoy if you want too.